The INTERNATIONAL TACTICAL POLICE ASSOCIATION, A.I.T.P, was founded in the year 2000 in Quebec City, Canada, and currently has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. It is internationally recognized as an association specialized in the “Use of police force and Human Rights.”

AITP is dedicated to defending the rights of police officers, collaborating in training with realistic scenarios, addressing issues related to legal regulations in the use of force, and promoting dignified working conditions. Additionally, it fosters positive relationships between the police and citizens through community policing, especially with disadvantaged sectors of society.

The Latin American Police and Firefighters Games were held for the first time in 2013 and are one of the fundamental pillars of I.T.P.A. to provide first responders in emergencies a meeting point to share experiences, interact, and strengthen relationships through sports. These games provide a conducive space to reinforce institutional values and principles while contributing to the maintenance of physical and mental health.

Another significant aspect is the promotion of inclusive sports with the aim of recognizing, generating empathy, and fostering responsibility towards this sector of the population.

Finally, it is important to highlight the economic impact generated by the games, as between 2000 and 3000 people, accompanied by their families, stay and contribute to the local economy.

As a non-profit association, A.I.T.P allocates athlete contributions for registration to the supervision of the Games, scholarships, and support for athletes. Additionally, it uses these resources to provide training to police officers from various countries and to defend those facing unjustly accused lawsuits, among other social programs.


This prominent sports competition is held annually and offers more than 20 sports for competition. Here are the cities that have hosted the Latin American Police and Firefighters Games (JLPYB):

First Edition 2013: Córdoba City, Argentina.
Second Edition 2014: Buenos Aires City, Argentina.
Fourth Edition 2016: Buenos Aires City, Argentina.
Fifth Edition 2017: Guadalajara City, Mexico.
Sixth Edition 2018: Panama City, Panama.
Seventh Edition 2019: Mexico City, Mexico.
Eighth Edition 2021: San Luis Potosí City, Mexico.
Ninth Edition 2022: León City, Guanajuato, Mexico.
Tenth Edition 2023: Guadalajara City, Mexico.


The Latin American Police and Firefighters Games (JLPYB) faithfully adhere to the Olympic spirit, promoting fair play, effort, service, and solidarity without discrimination of any kind.

This internationally significant event brings together police and firefighter athletes from Latin America and around the world, standing out not only for the sports competitions but also for direct collaborations with various sectors of society, such as “Special Olympics,” underprivileged children, among others.

Similar to the World and European Games, the Latin American Games generate economic, social, and cultural synergies, promoting better coexistence among citizens, regardless of their origin, culture, religion, or social status. These events exemplify values, strengthening the connection and understanding between different communities.