Registrations for the Games will be open online from [start date] to [end date]. Participants are advised that after this date, it will be impossible to register for any sports category online. Registration will only be possible during the accreditation process starting from [start date], and only for certain sports.

In the case of participant injuries after the registration deadline, new participants replacing the injured ones can be registered at the Technical Secretariat, provided it is done in advance of the competition. Please note that payments made for registration will not be refunded.


The registration fee will be $60 US if payment is made before [specified date]. This fee includes the right to participate in up to 4 events, either individually or as part of a team. In case a participant wishes to compete in a fifth sport, the additional fee will be $20 US.

Starting from [specified date], the basic fee will be $80 US (or its equivalent in local currency) and must be paid in cash at the Technical Secretariat. Registration and payment can be made online (registration section) using a credit card or, on-site, in cash.
Team registration for the shooting event and swimming relays will take place at the Technical Secretariat at least one day before the start of the competition.

A) Each participant paying in cash will receive a receipt from the AITP or an AITP invoice (Belgian-type invoice, given the headquarters in Belgium).
B) The registration cost for participants in the Games is intended to cover expenses for training programs and legal defense organized by the AITP in various countries.


All participants must undergo the accreditation process at the technical secretariat of the organization before the start of the competition for which they are registered. This process will be available every day starting from [specified date]. Participants must present the identification documents provided by their respective organizations. In case such identification does not include a photograph, it will be necessary to present a professional card or, alternatively, the ID/Passport. Additionally, each competitor must display their accreditation at all sports venues before each event.

AITP will handle both registration and accreditation, and payment will be made online in dollars (refer to the regulations for more details).

In the event that only one person or team participates in a specific sport or event, efforts will be made to integrate them, when possible, into the next most logical category within that sport. If this is not feasible and the organizing committee decides to cancel the event, the cancellation will be notified to the competitor or team captain, and registration fees will be refunded.


The organization will send, by regular mail and/or email (to the address provided in the received registration), a confirmation letter to each participant certifying that the registration has been successfully completed.


If the Organizing Committee of the JLPYB cancels a sports category or an event within any category, applicants will be notified at least two weeks before the start of the Games, and the paid fees will be refunded.


Any competition where three individuals participate against an equivalent number of opponents will be considered a team event. A mixed team will consist of one (at least) or more members of both genders.


Teams must designate a participant as the captain for each team event. The team captain is responsible for submitting the team roster along with the registration sheet. The maximum number of players allowed will be determined as indicated in the sports regulations.


In some sports, a meeting of captains, coaches, and athletes will be held to address any potential questions. Information regarding the schedule and location of these meetings will be provided on the Latin American Games’ Facebook page: and on the agenda section of our website.


A) Regulations, procedures, responsibilities, conduct, sanctions, etc…
B) Any changes in the schedule.
C) Any changes in the regulations.

Additionally, if possible, referees will be introduced, and their role and responsibilities will be analyzed. Attendance at these meetings is recommended. In case of non-attendance, it will be assumed that you are aware of all the information provided during the meeting.