In order to be eligible to compete in the Latin American Police & Fire Games, a person:
Must be at least 18 years old and be publicly employed as a full time Law Enforcement Officer (custom, corrections, military, etc…) or Firefighter in an official department or institution.
Must have formal Firefighter or Law Enforcement Officer training;
Must be a member of an eligible agency; or, a retired Law Enforcement Officer or Firefighter from an eligible agency.


All eligible agencies must be specifically approved by the LAPFGF.  The LAPFGF may approve additional agencies, job descriptions and individuals if, after examination, it finds they qualify under the LAPFG eligibility rules.  In case of doubt, the President of the Latin American Games will take the final decision.

Any person terminated from an eligible agency for less than honorable reasons shall not be considered eligible to compete, regardless of length of service or retirement status.


Unqualified Persons:  If a person knowingly attempts to enter or enters the Games when they do not qualify for entry, that person shall be disqualified from the Games for life.  If another competitor, team member or team captain/coach enters a person who they know does not qualify for entry, the other player or coach that submitted the entry shall be disqualified from the Games for life.

Qualified Persons:  If a person otherwise qualified to enter the Games knowingly joins a team for which he/she is ineligible, that person shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. If another competitor, team member, team captain/coach allows an otherwise qualified person to join a team knowing that the person is not eligible to do so, that team’s representative and the team (including Doubles team) shall be disqualified from competition and will be subject to appropriate discipline.


The registration fee will be 60 US$ if payment is made before October 31, 2023. The Registration is open from 1 July to October 31, 2023 This fee entitles you to participate in 4 individual or team sport. In the event that any participant wants to compete in one more sport, this fee will be 80$ to be paid in cash at the technical secretariat starting on November 17 2023, and one additional sport will cost $ 20. Registration and entry will be carried out via the Internet (registration section) by credit card, or on the spot, in cash. Registration by « team » in the shooting event and in the swimming relays will be made at the Technical Secretariat at least the day before the competition!


NON-PLAYER COACHES (basketball, volleyball and football)

Teams may incorporate a coach member of an organization, not a player, who may receive a medal provided they meet the same requirements as the other participants (presentation of the registration form and payment of registration fees) and participate as coach. Said non-player coach may be of any sex and of any service, regardless of the composition of the team.
Non-player coaches who do not belong to an organization or directors who are not members of the team (who do not pay an entry fee) do not need to meet the requirements to participate and will not be able to receive medals. These non-player coaches must present the corresponding sports registration form as well as the exemption of responsibility to the organization. Binding effect: Any decision made by a coach / manager (whether or not he belongs to an organization) or his assistant on behalf of a participant or team will have binding effects for that participant or team and will affect their game, category or ability to participate.


If any other participant, team captain or coach, allows a person who does not meet the requirements to participate in a team to be part of that team, its representatives will be immediately disqualified from all events of the JLPYB.
If it is discovered that any member of a team eligible to participate has joined a team for which he does not meet the requirements, that team will be immediately disqualified from the competition.